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As a board member I will focus on:

1.  Supporting current programs.  The district, through its community and grants programs, already supports a number of important campaigns and organizations.  I will work to strengthen these efforts moving forward.  Some examples are:

  • The Healthy Schools Initiative:  Supports the physical and mental health needs of students and staff.
  • 70 Strong: Promotes healthy aging and connections between older adults, as well as community services and opportunities.
  • Funding for community clinics such as Ravenswood Family Health Clinic, Samaritian House Redwood City Clinic and the San Mateo Medical Center Clinic in Fair Oaks.  Together these clinics serve thousand of low-income and uninsured clients.

2.  Strategically adding new initiatives. 

  • I see everyday in my clinical practice the enormous unmet need around child and adolescent mental health services.  I will make this area a priority for expanding the district's efforts.
  • In addition, I think it's important to focus on health/wellness promotion and disease prevention in all members of our community.
  • Lastly, I'd like to build on the success of 70 Strong and continue to promote efforts to support older adults who may need assistance to remain in their homes or to remain active and engaged members of our South San Mateo County community.



Aaron Nayfack for Sequoia Healthcare District
Board of Directors 2018
FPPC #1407656

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